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Expertise Domains

Bolster is pleased to offer our clients expertise in the following domains:


Academic Advising: Assistance with course selection and planning academic program for school with an eye to student’s long-term educational and career goals. 


Admissions Consulting**: For primary, secondary, university or graduate school application process: 


  • Becoming a strong candidate

  • School selection

  • Consultation on written components 

  • Full application review 

  • Teacher recommendations

  • Interview preparation 


 ** Please note that the Bolster brand is built on integrity and we do not write essays or complete applications for students. We offer support to our clients as part of the process.


Interview Preparation: We know that interviews – whether in person or over Skype – matter. Interviews are additionally challenging for international students. Whether for school application or an internship, our preparation helps build confidence and prepare our clients. 


One-on-one Tutoring: Some students may have certain subject or skill areas that are weaker than others. Our team includes Ivy-league educated highly experienced tutors for: 


  • SSAT

  • SAT

  • ACT

  • Subject tutoring (English, History, Math, Science, other)

  • Writing

  • College Essay Advising

  • Executive Function Coaching 


Elite Mentoring: Bolster offers students the exceptional opportunity to connect with a distinguished Bolster Mentor who is matched with student’s academic and future career interests. 


Bolster Retreat: Cultural fluency is as important as solid academic grades and scores when it comes to a successful academic, professional or even personal life in the US. Bolster students and their families are invited to a one-day group retreat prior to starting school. We will cover important academic, cultural and safety topics necessary for cultural competency in the US.


Cultural, Volunteer and Educational Activities: To enrich student’s American experiences that are critical to cultural fluency, camaraderie and network development, Bolster organizes regular group activities together with American professionals. Such activities are also a critical piece of college entrance applications. 


Career Coaching: For Bolster clients interested in summer jobs or future careers, coaching is a helpful way to get that extra edge you need to find an opportunity with a specific company or industry. 


Internships:  Bolster staff and mentors have extensive networks in various industries in the US and abroad. We will work with students to find a match in a field of their interest that also supports their academic and career goals. 


Campus visits: Parents who live far away are unable to personally check-in with their children on campus. Many students feel isolated and homesick and do not integrate into the culture. Bolster can visit students on campus- to address a specific issue, or just to check-in and enjoy a meal together- sending a report to parents following the visit. 


Bolster Reference: For clients who are enrolled in a Bolster package and interact with our team on a regular basis throughout the year, we are delighted to provide a written reference to be used for school admissions purposes.

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