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Additional Help

At Bolster we understand that you may need a range of help when coming to a new country. We are pleased to assist our clients with services in the following areas:


College and boarding school tours: For families who are far away, Bolster can accompany students on personalized tours of colleges, boarding and day schools in the New England area.


Summer school and summer camp placement: Interested in summer school or camp for your child? We can help you find the right program for your needs and goals. 


Legal: In 2014, 8,000 Chinese students in the US were expelled for low grades, academic dishonesty and breaking rules. Should you need legal support Bolster will offer referrals to trusted lawyers for help.


Real Estate: Many of our clients come to the US and want to buy property as a long- term investment. We have trustworthy, esteemed real estate agents on our team. 


Cultural Adjustment: Relocating to the United States or staying for a long time? Unsure about local customs, habits, etiquette and laws?  We can help students and families learn what they need to know to ease their entry into a new country. 


Philanthropic Advising: Giving back to one's community is an important value that is shared by both Chinese and American cultures. Many Americans volunteer their time or make financial donations to causes that are important to them. Bolster Founder and CEO Eliza Petrow has built a career as a philanthropic advisor to foundations and individuals seeking to support non-profit organizations in the US and abroad. If you would like to learn more about philanthropy or would like help in learning about donating your time or financial resources we can help.  


Other assistance upon request: We understand that clients will have specific needs that we may be able to help with. We do our best to assist our clients whenever possible. 


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